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Harvey Edwards
The Press Focused On Harvey Edwards

New York Times
"Impeccable prints. Mr. Edwards conveys the intensity of his involvement by closing in on the detail of a scene making them come alive, which moves you to a higher level."

Los Angeles Times
"Mass popularity hasn’t hampered Edwards’ work nor success diminished the power and purity of his images."
"Harvey Edwards has captured the spirit of dance and the emotional sweat and strain it takes to become a true dancer."

San Diego Union
"Edwards has succeeded in creating visual images no less unique and inventive, emotionally moving and every bit as personal and powerful as the paintings and sculptures produced by his predecessors."
Los Angeles Herald
"Harvey Edwards, a name easily remembered, a name not so easily forgotten. It is as indelible as the images that are making Harvey Edwards the hottest name in art in America today."

" Harvey Edwards known for creating the classic dance image ‘Leg Warmers’ turns his talents and unveils new works of country and Americana, rich in color, true in form and as emotional as dance."

Art In Business News
"Harvey Edwards, innovator and creator of images that will live on in the field of art for generations to come."

Gannet Newspaper
"Harvey Edwards is the master of his art who was born with the sensitivity to express emotions and strong images."

Women's Day
"Strikingly beautiful, artistically powerful and collected around the globe. Harvey Edwards has become a household name for his images of ballet and now country, still life and Americana."

"The most poignant art of our times."

Leica USA
"The Renaissance Man of Art. He paints with light. As Leonard Bernstein brought classical music to the general public, Harvey Edwards brings us fine art."

"Who could say enough about Harvey Edwards’ sensitive, romantic, insightful images of life?"

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre
"Harvey Edwards is a superb magician whose camera makes the beauty and power of dance come startlingly alive. "

Movies, Television, Commercials and Music Videos that have aired Harvey Edwards Art Prints
Entourage - HBO Special Arrested Development
The District
A Time For Dancing
Sharing The Secret
The Snobs
The Profiler
Any Day Now
Still Standing
Jamie Fox
Heart Of Summer
Dick Van Dyke Special
All About The Andersons
Alex and Emma
Yes Dear
Cedric Show
According To Jim
Center Stage (movie)
Jennifer Lopez - "On The Six"
General Hospital
West Wing
Sixteen Candles (movie)
The Tracy Ullman Show
Full House
One True Thing (movie)
Wagner Paint (commercial)
Port Charles
The Young & The Restless
Blow (movie)
Martin & Claudia (pilot)
Pay It Forward (movie)
Gilmore Girls
Third (commercial)
Everybody Loves Raymond
Grounded for Life
Without A Trace
Onion Project
Ace Hardware - Commercial
A Perfect Husband - Scott Peterson Story
What I like About You
The Huntress
Three Sisters
Playboy Entertainment
Surburban Sleuths
Cheaper By The Dozen
Less Then Perfect
My Wife And Kids
Sexy Urban Legends Two
Happy Family
Malcolm in The Middle
The Practice
Sex in the City
Blind Date (movie)
Jack & Jill (pilot)
Judging Amy
The Odd Couple
Will & Grace
F/X (movie)
Police Squad (movie)
Malcolm & Eddie
Drew Carey Show
One Day At A Time
Diagnosis Murder
Geico (commercial)
Bosom Buddies
Dumb and Dumber 2
Say It Isn't So (movie)
Suddenly Susan
Shasta McNasty
Home Improvement
The Practice
Go Fish (pilot)
Citizen Baines
Just Shoot Me

Commisioned Commercial Work

Ford Motor Company
Boston Celebrity Series
New York PhilHarmonic
Freed of London
Juvenile Diabetes Federation
Ernst & Young
Ronald McDonald House
Nikon Camera Company
Women's Day Magazine
(partial List)

Celebrities Who Own Art by Edwards

Sarah Jessica Parker
Mary Tyler Moore
Cameron Diaz
Penelope Cruz
Cliff Robertson
Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward
Robert Redford
Julianne Moore
Tony Bennett
Julia Roberts
Malcolm Jamal Warner
Natalie Portman
Jennifer Garner
Tom Hanks
Stephen Speilberg
Angelina Jolie
Cary Grant
Renee Zellweger
Kim Bassinger
Ralph Lauren
Megan Mullally
Susan Sarandon
Marlon Brando
Elizabeth Hurley
Victor Rowell
Halle Berry
Uma Thurman
Norah Jones
Eric Clapton
Alicia Keys


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